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Effective sun protection

Our quality sun glasses are ideal for reading in the sun. They are available in different models. You can choose from round, square or rectangular frames, etc. The tinted lenses of our reading sunglasses come in the dioptre range of +0 to +4.00. Choose the model that suits you for that special “you” look. Our sunglasses are fitted with lenses with a magnifying effect that are tinted to protect your eyes from UV rays, so you can continue reading or working when the sun is bright.

Style and protection

When it comes to reading sunglasses, there are often two tendencies: There are those who prize the quality of the lenses to have the best protection from the sun possible, and there are those for whom sunglasses are only a fashion accessory. SILAC offers you style, comfort and protection all at once. Our magnifying sunglasses for men and women boast all the advantages at an attractive price. You can now read on the beach with optimal comfort. SILAC protects your eyes with style.

Reading sunglasses

When reading on the beach, looking at a map whilst hiking or tinkering outdoors, it’s best to have reading sunglasses. They protect your eyes when the sun is too bright while providing the necessary correction. Once you turn forty, you are bound to discover presbyopia and its annoyance. You can no longer do without your reading glasses. Without them, you have to hold your book or newspaper with your arms extended to manage to decipher the paragraphs. Magnifying sun glasses will help you carry out all outdoor activities that require reading fine print or precision work. Enjoy those ordinary things that bring happiness every day!