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Reading glasses adapted to your style

Thanks to our online virtual glasses try-on tool, you can see for yourself which model of reading glasses suits you best. The same types of frame will not do for a long, square or rather round face. Round models soften the traits of a square or rectangular face. Square frames create structure, particularly for round faces. Men tend to prefer glasses with rectangular frames, which are suitable for practically every type of face. Personalise your reading glasses by choosing a vibrant colour, black frames, spectacle temples with a shell pattern, etc.

Correcting presbyopia

Once they turn 40, most men start showing signs of presbyopia. Reading small characters becomes more complex. More light is needed and the focus has to be adjusted by extending the arm. It is a natural ageing effect of the eye that makes it difficult to focus, in fact. You simply need glasses with a magnifying effect. We provide quality correcting reading glasses in the range of +0.5 to +6.00 dioptres. They will enable you to tinker, carry out precision manual tasks, read your newspaper or book, etc. Our glasses work like a magnifying glass you would hold above the text to enlarge the characters. Rediscover all the pleasures of simple things.

Discover also our sun glasses available in your dioptre.

Reading glasses for men

Our selection of reading glasses for men features many models of frames to suit your face and style. Our quality magnifying glasses are for the most part available in the range of +0.5 to +6.00 dioptres. You can choose from different types of spectacle temples and lenses and a wide array of colours. We will help you to find the pair of reading glasses that are just for you.

Say goodbye to eye strain and headaches. You get the vision correction you need, and can then enjoy every moment of life: reading a good novel, precise gestures under control again, etc. Showcase your style with our glasses at unbeatable prices. SILAC does away with inhibitions about reading glasses once and for all.