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Reading glasses adapted to your face

Choose reading glasses for women to suit the shape of your face. You can showcase the curves of your face, whether you opt for a round, square or butterfly frame. Try our quality glasses online and see at once whether they suit the shape of your face. The virtual try-on is the ideal way to make the right choice when you buy directly on our website. Make sure that the colour of the frame and temples of your reading glances enhance your complexion and colour of your eyes. Add a touch of style and comfort to your daily life.

Custom correction

Determine your degree of presbyopia when you visit the ophthalmologist or undergoing the test we provide free of charge on our website: Determine your dioptre at a glance. Then all you have to do is choose the pair of glasses in the corresponding dioptre. Our quality magnifying glasses are available in the dioptre range from +1.25 to +4.00. Some are even available in 20 dioptres from +0.5 to +6.0. You can now read the small print without any problem! Our magnifying glasses are ideal for reading your newspaper on the train or your favourite novel in bed. They are available in many models and colours. Choose the pair that suits you and rediscover the pleasures of near vision.

Discover also our sun glasses available in your dioptre.

Reading glasses for women

Having difficulties reading the small print? We have the right reading glasses for women like you.  If you know the presbyopia correction you need (see your online test), all you need to do is choose your magnifying glasses in the range of +1.25 to +4.00 dioptres. Some of our glasses are even available in 2 dioptres, from +0.5 to +6.00. We should not lose sight of the fact that in addition to the vision correction they provide, reading glasses are also a fashion accessory for women. We have models of frames adapted to the shape of your face and your style. Reading glasses enhance your look and appeal.  Choose glasses in a colour that sublimates your complexion. You can also pamper yourself with several models to match the clothes you wear most often. With SILAC, reading glasses add a touch of charm.