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  • Men

    Reading glasses for men

    Our selection of reading glasses for men features many models of frames to suit your face and style. Our quality magnifying glasses are for the most part available in the range of +0.5 to +6.00 dioptres. You can choose from different types of spectacle temples and lenses and a wide array of colours. We will help you to find the pair of reading glasses that are just for you.

    Say goodbye to eye strain and headaches. You get the vision correction you need, and can then enjoy every moment of life: reading a good novel, precise gestures under control again, etc. Showcase your style with our glasses at unbeatable prices. SILAC does away with inhibitions about reading glasses once and for all.

  • Women

    Reading glasses for women

    Having difficulties reading the small print? We have the right reading glasses for women like you.  If you know the presbyopia correction you need (see your online test), all you need to do is choose your magnifying glasses in the range of +1.25 to +4.00 dioptres. Some of our glasses are even available in 2 dioptres, from +0.5 to +6.00. We should not lose sight of the fact that in addition to the vision correction they provide, reading glasses are also a fashion accessory for women. We have models of frames adapted to the shape of your face and your style. Reading glasses enhance your look and appeal.  Choose glasses in a colour that sublimates your complexion. You can also pamper yourself with several models to match the clothes you wear most often. With SILAC, reading glasses add a touch of charm. 

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  • Solar

    Reading sunglasses

    When reading on the beach, looking at a map whilst hiking or tinkering outdoors, it’s best to have reading sunglasses. They protect your eyes when the sun is too bright while providing the necessary correction. Once you turn forty, you are bound to discover presbyopia and its annoyance. You can no longer do without your reading glasses. Without them, you have to hold your book or newspaper with your arms extended to manage to decipher the paragraphs. Magnifying sun glasses will help you carry out all outdoor activities that require reading fine print or precision work. Enjoy those ordinary things that bring happiness every day! 

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