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Without leaving your nose, It can do anything.

Reading glasses with progressive lens : You can read, work on the computer and be in meeting without removing your glasses.

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Your vision matters

Would you like to enhance your well-being and experience all the pleasures associated with near vision?
Silac has done wonders for reading glasses. For over 30 years.

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More than 40 models
of reading glasses.
What style will suit you best?

Whether for women or men, to protect against the sun or the screens, all our reading glasses are available in 10 or 20 dioptres. Simply try them on in a store or online.

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Enjoy extra comfort, lightness and
freedom with style.

Wearing Silac glasses is about making the most of each and every moment of life, even the most ordinary ones: a novel which captured your imagination, gestures with skill and precision, the little things that make you happy every day.

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Filter the blue light will improve the pleasure of your eyes.

Who has not felt the strain and stinging of the eyes after a long day spent in front of a computer? Even a headache?

You can now forget all that thanks to Screen Protect, our reading glasses for monitor. The ideal solution for reading small characters on all screens: computer, tablet or smartphone.


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Unique choice

More than 40 models are available in 10 or 20 dioptres.
You will not be given a better choice by anyone else.

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Simplified guarantee

Your reading glasses are replaced free of charge if you have any concerns regarding quality, within 3 months of your purchase, upon presentation of a till receipt.

Certified quality

Each new model of glasses is tested and certified by Intertek, an independent and intransigent international laboratory.
Choose quality at a fair price.


Maximum protection

Whether the rays are produced by the sun or your screens, they are filtered by ultra modern technologies.
Silac will allow you to protect your eyes in style.

Struggling with near vision? It's completely normal

From the age of 40, the quality of your near vision starts to become impaired.
It is due to a natural phenomenon called presbyopia (long-sightedness)
which is caused by a loss of flexibility of our eye-lens.

The first symptoms appear: to read small characters,
you stretch out your arms, you squint your eyes, and you look for more light.
This phenomenon intensifies over time...

The Silac solution Silac offers quality, stylish and aesthetic glasses for the long-sighted which are adjusted to your own correction level so that you can once again enjoy the little things in life.

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Improving the view of people with impaired vision

Silac supports the Ophthalmology Worldwide action by offering reading glasses to the underprivileged populations of DR Congo.

OWW is a Belgian team of ophthalmologists, nurses,
technicians and logisticians.
Every year since 2003, the team has visited remote regions of DR Congo
to carry out ophthalmic consultations and perform cataract operations.

We spend too much time glued to a screen

Proof ;-)

Silac has released the innovative Screen Protect: glasses which provide protection against blue light.

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