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Do I need glasses for computer work?

Display screens have worked their way into our living spaces, personal and professional, becoming essential to our daily lives. Whether it’s at home or in your workplace, it’s important to find a suitable solution so as not to suffer from their harmful effects on your eyes. In this article, discover the consequences of prolonged exposure to a computer screen, ways to alleviate their impact, and the answer to the question, “Do you need glasses to use your display screens with complete peace of mind?”

The consequences of blue light

We hear more and more about blue light and its harmful effects on the retina. Although it is produced naturally by the sun , its hazards only began to be a real problem with the omnipresence of display screens in our daily routines.

The glare caused by blue light is so intense that it leads to deterioration of the retina. In the long term, this light can cause eye fatigue, redness, and stinging. Its harmful effects can even extend to causing blindness in some more sensitive people. It has also been proven that the blue light emitted by computers and other display screens is responsible for sleep and mood disorders and even severe migraines .

Given the ongoing invasion of display screens, is there a lasting solution that alleviates the problem of harmful blue light?

Corrective glasses or antifatigue glasses?

People with disorders impairing their vision will need to protect themselves with corrective glasses. On the other hand, those who have no vision disorder can guard against the aggressive effect of blue light with computer glasses. Antifatigue glasses are an essential alternative to offer relief for the eyes and soothe them in the event of symptoms of fatigue, especially when you do IT work.

Corrective glasses suited for reading on a computer

People with vision disorders such as myopia, farsightedness or astigmatism will need to correct their vision with corrective lenses at all times. With heavy exposure to display screens, these people risk exacerbating their problem, with these more or less damaging consequences depending on their situation. To protect themselves, corrective glasses equipped with a blue-light filter will be a welcome addition for working on a computer.

Antifatigue glasses for the computer

If you have no vision disorders, but your eyes become fatigued quickly and you spend time in front of your computer screen, you will definitely need suitable glasses.

To read from your display screens (PC, smartphone, tablet, etc.) without fatiguing your eyes, you can count on Screen Protect glasses for computer screens . Especially stylish, they are also very strong thanks to their unique design in polycarbonate. Their flexible temples have the unique ability to adjust to the shape of your head . In addition, the black and yellow tortoiseshell frame provides a very subtle touch of charm. Finally, their special treatment allows the effects of blue light to be reduced on the order of 30 to 40%.

And if you find it difficult to read small print on your screen, you can purchase Screen Black unisex magnifying reading glasses. This unisex model suits both men and women and will allow you to read under optimal conditions. These computer glasses will let you read in complete comfort without stinging eyes , while protecting you from blue light. They help soothe the feeling of fatigue caused by long exposure to display screens and reduce the risks to the retina. Take care of your eyes!


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