Sunglasses (without diopter)


Polarized or non-polarized sunglasses: what to choose?

Have you ever been dazzled by the sunlight reflecting off surfaces such as asphalt, snow, pool water, or a garden table? This glare can be bothersome and lead to eye fatigue (the need to squint, etc.). In this regard, polarized lenses reduce this glare effect for increased visual comfort and better contrasts. However, the use of polarized lenses is not recommended for reading LCD screens, such as smartphones, tablets, and digital car screens. It is indeed more difficult to read on such surfaces.

When to wear polarized lenses ? While driving (excluding digital dashboards), during mountain stays and skiing, in aquatic environments (pool, sea, etc.), sports and outdoor activities.

When to wear non-polarized lenses ? For reading on LCD screens such as tablets, smartphones, car dashboards, etc.

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