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After a long day spent in front of display screens (computer, television, tablet and even films), who hasn’t experienced a feeling of stinging of the eyes, eye fatigue, even headaches? You can forget all that thanks to our Screen Protect anti-blue light reading glasses.


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Why protect your eyes from display screens?

The natural filters of our eyes don’t provide sufficient protection from the blue light generated by the sun’s rays, much less that from display screens. But we spend over 6 hours per day there!

Eye fatigue, redness, and stinging are the first signs that should not be neglected. Its harmful effects can cause migraines, sleep and mood disorders, and in the most sensitive people, deterioration of vision or even blindness.

How can you protect your eyes from display screens?

Thanks to a blue-light filter and their large protective lenses, Screen Protect magnifying glasses block 30 to 40% of the harmful effects of this light. The brightness of the display screens is thus visibly reduced for better contrast. Screen Protect glasses substantially reduce eye fatigue, especially from reading small print, on all display screens: computer, tablet, smartphone. Your eyes are rested, even after a long day’s work!

Do you need vision correction? No problem, our models exist in 10 dioptres,
from +1.25 to +4.00.

Style without neglecting comfort

Screen Protect computer reading glasses are elegant, with their original frame in black or tortoiseshell polycarbonate and their flex temples that adjust to the size of your head for greater comfort.

Durable and attractive, they’re equipped with slightly tinted lenses to optimise contrasts and emphasise details. All our models are anti-scratch treated and inspected by Intertek (an international independent certification laboratory). 

Discover our unisex models!

Maintenance and protection of your anti-blue light glasses

  1. To keep your glasses as long as possible, clean them regularly with plain water using a clean cloth, or with cleaning tissues for glasses
  2. Then dry them with a soft cloth.
  3. Store them in suitable cases to protect them during transport.

Be careful of scratches: never place your glasses lens side down on a surface that can damage them. It’s a good idea to get eyeglass cords so you won’t lose them!

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